Monday, March 30, 2009

Canimal: Skelly butterfly headpiece

I've been having a strong urge lately to have little skeleton headed butterflies on my head. In RL.
So it was get myself committed, or make this for SL.
There's a ton of butterfly options in the headpiece. Click any set of wings & it'll change to a different butterfly. You can have 4 identical skelliflies, 4 different ones. whatever you feel like.

Since there are many different styles & colors you can match your lil skull-companions to any outfit.


Ana Lutetia said...

love it

Kim said...

Beautiful. Where do I find it? Someone I know might love it very much :-)

Generic Viagra said...

I really love all the headpieces, specially when they're butterflies with females colors and different options, styles and skelliflies with something shiny. Thanks for bringing this.

Buy Generic Viagra said...

so beautiful butterflies for dress if I have a girl baby some day I will dress her like this models