Monday, November 22, 2010

50$L & UNDER SALE. two weeks. then it's gone.

okies this was requested so here we go. it's the last two weeks before 'canimal' the brand, the sim, & the person are gone forever.

I marked EVERYTHING for sale. 50L & under. all skins are 50L.. clothing packs, shoes, tattoos you name it.
most isn't even at 50L, their at 10/20L.

I suggest dropping by.. it may not be the newest fashions but it's still a hell of a lot better then a LOT of the shit that's out there.

no point in IMing me about anything I'm gone. & I wish I could notify everyone about this in my group & say ty etc but I foolishly got the group messenger you have to pay for monthly. so If I wanna send a msg I have to sell my body & soul to afford sending one damn notice.

anyhoo I leave you w/ the eternal words of sinatra, as they were later re sung by the damn sexy sid vicious, from me to all you lil rebels out there who think haute couture can kiss our ass: IDID IT MY WAY!!! fuck yeh. love ya. GOODNIGHT!!!


Kattiva Destiny said...

Gosh, I can't believe you're leaving us :(!
Your clothing is amazing, and it will always be so!
I remember myself when I just transferred from the Teen Grid to the Main Grid a couple of years ago, my avie was noobie looking and I remember I was walking around the Canimal sim to get some clothes haha ;)
And nowasays I use to sit on the subscribe thing next to the lucky chairs to get prizes LOL. Awes, memories :3!

Anonymous said...

Caniiiiiiiiiiiiii )': *cries*
don't goooo!!!!!!
btw there r sum clothes which r still 200L$ (like the heresy 4 example) ): i want it so baddddd ):
we will truly miss ya <3

Suede Sixpence said...

What A pity Canimal was the first dress I bought in Second Life, I gonna post it my blog, But good luck and I always thought your clothes were super.

Venus Petrov said...

Your designs rock! I love your tatts, too! I'm so sad to see you leave. SL fashion won't be the same without you. I wish you peace and happy trails.

Anonymous said...

I always considered you up there with the best of the best in SL.. Last Call /Dazzle , Pixeldolls and a few others.. it is sad to hear of you leaving SL and closing your store. It is a gift to be such a great wishes, LadyBunny Hare

Anonymous said...

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