Monday, November 22, 2010

50$L & UNDER SALE. two weeks. then it's gone.

okies this was requested so here we go. it's the last two weeks before 'canimal' the brand, the sim, & the person are gone forever.

I marked EVERYTHING for sale. 50L & under. all skins are 50L.. clothing packs, shoes, tattoos you name it.
most isn't even at 50L, their at 10/20L.

I suggest dropping by.. it may not be the newest fashions but it's still a hell of a lot better then a LOT of the shit that's out there.

no point in IMing me about anything I'm gone. & I wish I could notify everyone about this in my group & say ty etc but I foolishly got the group messenger you have to pay for monthly. so If I wanna send a msg I have to sell my body & soul to afford sending one damn notice.

anyhoo I leave you w/ the eternal words of sinatra, as they were later re sung by the damn sexy sid vicious, from me to all you lil rebels out there who think haute couture can kiss our ass: IDID IT MY WAY!!! fuck yeh. love ya. GOODNIGHT!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

byebye canimal 4 everrrrrrrrrrrr

k im gunna go in sl soon to sell off the sim & delete everything so if anyone out there still reads this & has any interest whatsoever to get anything I ever made now will be the time to do so.

thanks for all the awesome sl times. the good the bad the ugly. & thanks to everyone who ever bought my stuff & supported my store in any way. it means a lot to have you hard work appreciated.. in rl & sl.

so long, & thanks for all the fish! <3

Saturday, April 04, 2009

New! a tiara made of bones & skulls :P

Fashioned from the cursed bones of scene kids, this tiara promises to be the coolest of cool (much like the remains of the people it's made of!).

It's pretty straight forward.. decorate your luscious curls with fashionable skulls & bones in the form of a glamorous bone tiara. :)

Copy only., scripted to resize if you click it. chalk full of calcium.

Get it at my main store only :))

wearing: amazing hair by ETD, everything else by canimal.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Canimal: Skelly butterfly headpiece

I've been having a strong urge lately to have little skeleton headed butterflies on my head. In RL.
So it was get myself committed, or make this for SL.
There's a ton of butterfly options in the headpiece. Click any set of wings & it'll change to a different butterfly. You can have 4 identical skelliflies, 4 different ones. whatever you feel like.

Since there are many different styles & colors you can match your lil skull-companions to any outfit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New @ Canimal: Cherry Darlings!

Brand New pair of sandals with a cherry texture, & a pair of cherries on top.
These sandals are resizable, so just click them & you can mod them to fit any pair of feet.

Try on FREE DEMOS at the store! :))

in the pic:
Dress - canimal - Lola
Skin - canimal - essence of pinup
necklace - canimal - strawberry set
hair - BettiePage Voyager - bigbomb hair2

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New @ Canimal: Stripped

Brand spankin new!
Comes in just the one color & is only 200L. Mod/Copy. Exclusive to the main store at the moment :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Canimal: New update group with FREEBIE DRESS!!

Okies my update group is now a subscribe-o-matic group. Which means no more needing to use up group space, no spam ever, & iunno general fun.

If you join you get the dress in the pic for FREE!! To subscribe simply go to my main store & click the sign :) It'll send you your gifts!